RJR Athletic Hall of Fame Members

HOF Class of 2008Mary Garber (Class of 1933)
HOF Class of 2009Bill Gramley (Class of 1953)
HOF Class of 2011Norman Trzaskoma (Won 7 State Championships as Head Coach of Boys Cross Country, Indoor Track, and Outdoor Track)
HOF Class of 2012Jed Doughton (Class of 1975)Reid Warren (Class of 1962)
HOF Class of 2014Don Flow (Class of 1973)Stuart Scott (Class of 1983)
HOF Class of 2015Anthony Levine (Class of 2005)
HOF Class of 2017Brad Ramsey (Class of 2005)
HOF Class of 2018Chris McCoy (Class of 1999)Charlton Rolle (Class of 2007)
HOF Class of 2019Bernadette Washington (Class of 2001)
HOF Class of 2022Archie Barrow (Class of 2006)Dred Booe (Class of 1989)Chandler Borton (Class of 2013)Shanice Jones (Class of 2007)Derrick Speas (Class of 1992)Joanna Wright (Class of 2007)
HOF Class of 2023Austin Boehme (Class of 2003)Dalton Clower (Class of 1941)Korel Mack (Class of 2007)David Plummer (Class of 1971)
HOF Class of 2024Coach James AlexanderBrittany Johnson (Class of 2003)