General Info


Eligibility includes having good grades and attendance, and submitting the entire physical packet to the school each year. We strongly encourage you to get this done over the summers so you don’t lose eligibility mid-season. You must have a wristband from Coach Fisher (our Athletic Director) on the first day of practice to show us you are eligible.

Team Rules

  1. RJR XC/TF takes priority over all non-academic activities, including clubs, jobs, and non-RJR-varsity sports.
      • And academics take priority over track: any athlete with an F in a class will be suspended from practices and meets until the grade is up. Athletes with D’s will be required to go to tutoring at minimum, practice & meet participation will be at the coach’s discretion.
  2. You are required to attend all practice sessions and meets. Non-emergency absences are excused only by prior communication with the head coach (see contact info).
      • Three unexcused absences will result in dismissal from the team.
      • An unexcused absence the week of a meet will result in suspension from that meet.
      • An unexcused absence from a meet will result in dismissal from the team.
      • Examples of excused absences include but are not limited to: medical or family emergencies, academic tutoring or other academic commitments or events.
      • If injured, athletes are expected to attend practice to observe, rehab, and cross train, unless you have an appointment relating to the injury or prior permission from the coach. Athletes may not excuse themselves from practice due to non-emergency injury.
  3. Being on-time to practice is important. Athletes coming late must be excused by the coach ahead of time.
      • Two unexcused late arrivals to practice equal one unexcused absence.
  4. Athletes who miss more than two class periods in a day may not attend practice that day (WSFCS rule).
  5. Athletes who present discipline problems in school will not be tolerated.
      • If an athlete puts him or herself into in-school or out-of-school suspension (ISS/OSS), he or she cannot attend practice or meets the day(s) of their suspension (WSFCS rule).
      • Any student in OSS must receive the coach’s approval before returning to practice.
      • Disciplinary absences (ISS, OSS, detention) count as unexcused absences.
  6. Athletes who present problems at practice may be dismissed from practice.
      • Dismissal from practice counts as an unexcused absence.
      • Use of profanity is unprofessional and can result in disqualification at a meet, so it will not be allowed at practice or meets.
      • Cell phones and ipods will not be tolerated at practice or in competition areas.
      • Official practices are closed to all non-athletes, except by prior permission from a coach.
  7. Defiance or disrespect of a coach is grounds for suspension or dismissal from the team.
  8. All RJR XC/TF athletes are expected to participate in all team fundraisers.
  9. Distance boys are expected to keep their training logs up to date in order to participate in practice & meets.
  10. RJR XC/TF athletes should strive to be young men and women of character.
      • Athletes involved in fighting will be dismissed from the team.
      • Athletes caught with illegal substances (drugs/alcohol) will be dismissed from the team.


On days we practice at Hanes Park, athletes are responsible for getting there and home. On days we practice at Reynolda, athletes may ride the team bus or carpool. Athletes are responsible for getting home from Reynolda.

Athletes should ride the team bus to every meet. They are allowed to leave the meet with their parents provided that they check out directly with a coach. Meet buses will leave from the Gym Lot unless otherwise noted. On rare occasions, athletes may be allowed to take other transportation to meets with prior permission from the coach.

Parents, please plan to pick your child up by 6pm, practice will be always be over by this time.

Driver's Ed

Athletes are encouraged to try to schedule their Driver’s Ed course outside of the regular season. If this is not possible, athletes must communicate this to their coach as early as possible to make necessary arrangements.

Uniforms & Attire

Uniforms will be issued prior to the first contest. Unreturned uniforms will be charged to the individual athlete. Athletes who fail to turn in their uniforms will not be allowed to participate in future seasons. The team-issued uniform is to be worn to all meets, and only meets. Athletes may not wear their uniforms to practice.

Practice attire when at the track includes an athletic shirt and shorts with proper running shoes. Running shoes should not be worn around school or for walking. Sleeveless T’s and singlets are acceptable. Spikes are reserved for races or specific workouts only, at the coach’s discretion. No jewelry should be worn at practice or meets.

Athlete Agreement

Athletes must sign a team agreement sheet stating that they have read and understand these rules and expectations for being a Reynolds XC/Track athlete. This must be completed before you can compete. Not knowing the rules will not be an excuse.

Commitment Clause: An athletes’ commitment is for the full season—those athletes who quit or are dismissed in the middle of a season may not be allowed to participate in future seasons.